Track and Field Licensing Outdoor 2020

Following the cancellation of all Track & Field Licences for the 2020 Outdoor season and recognising the need to introduce a licence application process that can enable rapid consideration of applications for events, we are introducing an online process to accommodate and licence events that meet the guidelines issued by your National Association and any restrictions determined by Government. The main points to note are:

  • Applications should be submitted electronically using the form here or by clicking the start button at the bottom of this page. Applications submitted in any other way may be delayed. Applications for events in Scotland should be submitted direct to Scottish Athletics using their forms.
  • The rule requiring submission of applications not less that 8 weeks prior to the event is temporarily suspended.
  • Detailed information about the nature of the promotion including the range of events and age groups along with how the event will be managed to meet distancing and group size regulations must be uploaded to support the application.
  • Applications submitted on the online form will be reviewed manually to determine if the application will be approved or rejected.
  • In England applications will be reviewed in the first instance by a Regional representative and secondly by a National Officer who will issue licences. Applications for Level 1 events in other National Associations will go direct to the appropriate Officer in the usual way; Level 2 events will be issued through UKA.
  • The number and levels of Technical Officials appointed will be determined by the events promoted and the number of competitors allowed in each event but a Level 2 licence will only be issued if all conditions indicated in the Licensing Guidelines published in October 2019 are applied.
  • Your programme may include non-standard events.

Significant issues to note include:

  • The safety of all participants is of paramount importance and for the 2020 outdoor season ALL licensed events (both level 1 and level 2) must be held at venues that have achieved or are actively working towards TrackMark accreditation. For further information on UKA’s TrackMark Facility accreditation scheme visit:
  • Additionally, from the 4th April 2020 it became mandatory for all Licence level 2 competitions involving Hammer, Discus or Weight Throw that they should only take place at venues with a throws cage that meets the intent of the World Athletics specification (i.e. from a cage with a hammer danger zone of no more than 56° and a discus danger zone of no more than 69°). Contact for further information / guidance.

The following conditions will continue to apply:

  • Competitions must be delivered under UKA Rules for Competition or World Athletics Rules.
  • All Results, in the appropriate format, must be sent directly to Power of 10 as agreed by UKA and the National Association.
  • All events applied for must correspond with the specific UKA Rules for each age group, noting that the Competition Year for Track & Field events in 2020 is extended to 31st October.

Please contact with any queries.